Shelter; Gerd, Gilb’r, Max Abysmal | Shelter Amsterdam

datum: vrijdag 28 april 2017

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Shelter  Gerd Gilb’r Max Abysmal | Shelter Amsterdam

Friday 28/04

tickets available in presale and at the door

doorsale entry before 00:00: €10

Gerd, bastion of the Clone Records/Royal Oak family for nearly a decade, is teaming up with another timeless inventor, Versatile Records founder Gilb’r. Backed up by Max Abysmal, who is back after a memorable first Shelter performance, back in November.

line up
Gerd (Clone/Royal Oak)
Gilb'R (Versatile Records)
Max Abysmal (Bossoyo)

Artwork by Peter van Langen

Presale: €16


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